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What do we want Portsmouth to be like in 2040?

That’s what Imagine Portsmouth set out to discover. We brought together around 2,500 people representing residents, businesses and organisations who live and work in Portsmouth to talk about our hopes and dreams for our city. We created big, bold plans for what we want in future; for ourselves, our families, our communities, our businesses and our co-workers.

This is the vision we agreed for Portsmouth in 2040.

What’s special about Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is a city with an incredible waterfront, a rich cultural heritage and a strong maritime history. With a naval base, international port and strong local links across the south, we are the centre of culture and enterprise for our area.

What do people in Portsmouth value?

In 2040 we are very proud of Portsmouth, how we behave towards each other and how it feels to live here. Portsmouth people will have strong beliefs and values:

We believe in collaboration

We will all take responsibility for our city and we enjoy working together for the common good, across neighbourhoods, communities, organisations, sectors and businesses

We believe in our equality

We will be a fair and equal city where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, enjoy and thrive in the life they want to live, and so we welcome and support each other without discrimination

We believe in respect

In 2040 we know every person in Portsmouth has a valuable contribution to make, whether we live, work, study or visit here, so we respect each other’s differences, and make sure everyone feels included and safe

We believe in our innovation

We are ambitious and action-oriented, welcoming new ideas and embracing changes that improve people’s lives

We believe in our community

We will be so proud of our strong and friendly community spirit, how we all take care of each other, keep each other safe, help each other out, and make sure we all feel we belong

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