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In preparation for the citizens’ conference in March, we gathered some different perspectives on the future of Portsmouth and brought them together as ‘city views’. We spoke to a range of people from across the city, from different professions, groups and organisations. The idea is to share some different perspectives, as food for thought as we work together to create a new vision for the future of the city. You can hear their views in the short films below.

These videos were recorded in February in preparation for the citizens’ conference, so before the coronavirus pandemic.

Stef Nienaltowski – Shaping Portsmouth

Stef Nienaltowski is chief executive officer of Shaping Portsmouth, a partnership bringing together business, education and the community to improve employment opportunities and educational attainment in the city. Stef talks about his passion: making the city the number one place in the country to invest, live, learn, work, and visit.

Commodore Jeremy Bailey – Royal Navy

Commodore Jeremy Bailey was born and education in Portsmouth, is now Commander of HM Naval Base Portsmouth, and talks about his pride in the historic role the Royal Navy has in the city.

Mark Catlin – Portsmouth Football Club

Chief executive of Portsmouth Football Club, Mark Catlin is passionate about the place that Pompey has at the heart of the city, and the ways the club and the city work together.

Laura Spurgeon – Youth Parliament

Laura Spurgeon is a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) representing the Portsmouth area, as well as student in the city. Laura talks about the sense of community that she feels makes Portsmouth special, as well as the challenges that need to be addressed so the city can be the kind of place she will want to raise children in the future.

Professor Steve Fletcher – University of Portsmouth

Professor Steve Fletcher is the director of the sustainability and environment research theme at the University of Portsmouth, and talks about the future of the city in the context of of the challenges of climate change.

Marie Costa – African Women’s Forum

Marie Costa is chair of the African Women’s Forum, a group founded in 1995 to provide opportunities for social contact, communication and emotional support for African women in the city. Through her career, Marie has been a teacher and a community midwife, and talks the ways she would like to see the city improve in the future.

Nick Moore – NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group

Nick Moore is a local GP as well as a clinical executive for NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group. Nick talks about the city’s strong sense of identity, as well as his passion for improving the health of local people, and the opportunities created by organisations working together.

Muhammad Muhi Uddin – Jami Mosque

Muhammad Muhi Uddin is Head Imam at Portsmouth’s Jami Mosque. He talks about the things he loves about the city and the importance of bringing communities together.

Natalie Sheppard – Thinking Schools Academy Trust

Natalie Sheppard is director of education at Thinking Schools Academy Trust in the city, and is passionate about the potential for digital technology to transform learning in the city so our young people are equipped for a changing world. Born and educated in the city, Natalie also talks about why she is proud to be Portsmouth.

Tim Rusby – Portsmouth Creates

Tim Rusby is director and co-founder of the Visitor Attraction Company and one of four co-directors of Portsmouth Creates. Tim shares his views on the future of culture in Portsmouth.

Laura Hyman – University of Portsmouth

Laura Hyman is a senior lecturer in Sociology at the University of Portsmouth, whose main research interest is the sociological study of happiness. Laura talks about what makes the city unique, and the role of community in making Portsmouth a happy place to live.

John Swindell – Portsmouth Mediation Service

John Swindell talks about things things he loves about Portsmouth, and the potential for restorative practice to bring positive change in the city.

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