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About the citizens’ conference

Aspirations for the future of our amazing city were created by a group of almost a hundred residents, who came together to Imagine Portsmouth at the city vision citizens’ conference in early March. 

Having had more than 900 applications from residents who wanted to be part of the event, around 100 were selected to be broadly demographically representative of the people of Portsmouth. The event took place at The Pyramids, and those who took part came together to talk about the many things that make Portsmouth unique – the things that inspire the city’s passion and pride – as well as the things the city needs to get right for the future. 

Those in attendance took part in a series of activities which enabled them to provide their ideas and suggestions about what Portsmouth needs to get right in 2040. These suggestions were gathered on the day and can be found in the slide deck, or via the accessible PDF. You can also see how passionate everyone was in a short film of the day further down the page.


What happens now?

The Imagine Portsmouth project was planned before coronavirus. We know the effects of the pandemic may have made a difference to what people think is important as we look to the future. So, we have been back in contact with the broadly demographically representative group who came to the conference, to ask them if anything has changed. 

Once we’ve gathered a bit more feedback, we’ll use everything we have heard so far to put together a city wide consultation, so everyone will have an opportunity to have a say.

More information on the city wide consultation will be here when it’s ready. We’ll publish details here 

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